Revolution Church


There is no doubt that one thing is lacking in the Church.  We need Men who pray like Jesus taught the disciples to pray.  The disciples saw that when Jesus prayed (Which he withdrew and did often.) something incredible inevitably happened.  The disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray.  Jesus responded not with a perfect church lecture on prayer. Instead, He prayed. As we study the Bible on prayer, we find a powerful tool for communicating with God that goes far beyond “asking for a list of stuff.” It’s the key to a deeper, more intimate relationship with Christ for every believer.  If we want to be leaders in our home we need a deeper connection with God.

Desperation (Do We Need Him?) notes Lifeline (Desperation- Do We Need Him?)

Desire (De We Want Him?) notes Lifeline (Desire- Do We Really want Him?)

Shameless Persistence (Will We Seek Him?) notes Lifeline (Shameless Persistence- Will We Seek Him?)

Confidence (Will We Trust Him?) notes Lifeline (Confidence Will We Trust Him?)