Revolution Church

Shades of Grey

This series examines the “Gray areas” of our morality and challenges us by asking some tough questions. We learn that building a healthy marriage is more than “not cheating”; it requires gospel-centered work in the little (“gray”) areas. This series takes a look at what God’s word says about crucial areas of life that we often mess up in. We learn when these areas are in alignment with God’s design for our relationships life functions a whole lot better.

Lust 02-08-2015
notes Shades Of Grey (Lust)

Purity Honors God 02-15-2015
notes Shades Of Grey (Purity Honors God)

Grace Filled Relationships 02-22-2015
note Shades of Grey (Grace Filled Relationships)

Shades of Gray (Put God before People) 03-01-2015
Notes Shades of Gray (Put God before People)